Madge was Just OK, the Audi vampires were better & Eli Manning best of all

Actual Dialogue earlier yesterday with a Die-Hard Redskins Fan (DHRF) rooting for the Giants in the SB:

ME: Aren’t you Redskins fans a little conflicted about this?

DHRF: Naw. We aint conflicted. We’re fine with the Giants.

ME: But I thought you hated the Giants.

DHRF: Uh-uh. We hate the Cowboys. Now if it was the Cowboys, it’d be a whole different story.

ME: Ah. And then there’s the fact that the Redskins beat the Giants in the regular season..

DHRF: Beat em twice.

ME: So that means if they win tonight…

DHRF: We win. See? Now you got it.

The Lesson: It’s really not so bad down here.